Bushing & Current Transformers


Bushings for voltages less than or equal to 36 kV class are porcelain bushings but based on customer requirements, these can also be of the OIP type. For voltages above 36 kV, these are of the OIP type (oil impregnated paper). High current low voltage connections for core-coil assemblies are made with copper bus bars, which are connected to the bushings by means of flexible risers. The terminations can be either on cover plate or on the sides of the tank. These can be housed in special cable boxes as per requirement.

Any specially required current transformers are housed either in separate turrets or on the cover plate or as part of the core-coil assembly. The secondary circuits of the current transformers are brought out in separate terminal boxes, from where the secondary is wired in to the marshalling box. The current transformers can either be for protection or for monitoring (for ammeters and temperature indicators).